Since 2012, we have been trying to create a positive impact in the lives of all the stakeholders we engage with......for us there are no beneficiaries....we believe it is a collective effort. We are experimenting, innovating...trying to find a viable model for an inclusive and sustainable growth. We know the path is difficult but we are evolving...we are trying to redefine the "pyramid" because we believe that the "bottom" of the pyramid has much larger potential to change the game...


Our Mission

Support individuals, communities and organizations in attaining inclusive growth through innovative solutions

“A community which excludes even one of its members is no community at all”
— Dan Williams

What We've Achieved

  • Over the last four years we have expanded our work across 21 Indian states.
  • We are one of the pioneers in using customized technology for carrying out assessments in the skill development space.
  • We stepped into assessments partnering with one Sector Skill Council, gradually making our way forward to partnering with 7 sector skill councils and carrying out over 1 lac assessments across 24 Indian states. 
  • We are the first organisations to bring in transparency and accountability in the skill development space by introducing technology based post placement tracking and impact analysis. 
  • We partnered with Odisha Rural Development and Marketing Society (ORMAS), Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Socity (BRLPS), Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP), Youth for Jobs (Y4J) and many training partners to carry out post placement tracking and impact analysis projects.
  • We did not try and reinvent the wheel...we used existing affordable technology and customized it to reach out to millions of job seekers across India. Through we are matching the expectations and aspirations of job seekers to the requirements of the employers. We are giving the job seekers an access to the employers network....we are giving them an opportunity to choose. With over 75000 job seekers and 150 employers registered with us we intend to change the game in this space. 
  • We are engaging with the informal sector workforce of the country through our android based app "Mazdoor Adda"...trying to break the nexus of middlemen and get work directly to the workers through their mobile phones and provide them social security. With over 3500 workers already registered across 5 Indian cities we are gradually making an impact.
  • We are experimenting with customized skill training modules...trying to evolve a model which meets the requirements of the end user. Promoting an entrepreneur based training we have so far trained over 1000 women in Delhi/NCR and Rajasthan and linked them to the markets.