Here's what we have been able to achieve over the past years.....a small step towards building a better effort to innovate, include and sustain!


We were one of the very few organisations which pioneered technology based assessments of Skill Development Programmes, carrying out assessments in 26 Indian states in 12 regional languages.


We are trying to put in place an effective skill development module which not only has a positive impact on the lives of our stakeholders but is also customised to their needs....unlike many which are being implemented nowdays

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Post-placement Tracking and Impact Analysis

We were one of the first organisations which carried out technology based post-placement tracking of candidates who underwent skill development training and generated impact reports.

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Anant Kisan

We are changing the way the conventional "Job Websites" worked...we are making it more inclusive...connecting the stakeholders based on their access to the kind of technology they can afford, use or have access to. 

Mazdoor Adda

We saw a lot of discussions happening at multiple forums about "engaging with the informal sector". We decided to take it a step further...this Android based application connects urban informal sector workers to meaningful work through their mobile phones. We are not only trying to deal with the middle men who exploit the system but also try and provide social security to the workers registered with us! Presently launched at Delhi/NCR, Jaipur, Merrtut, Roorkee, Ambala, and Bhiwani its a first step to a much larger change. We have close to 5000 workers associated with us.